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If you spent your childhood slurping on slushies and you want to recapture your youth with a bit of grown up sophistication thrown in, then the latest craze in wine cocktails – Frosé – is just your thing.

Frosé, or frozen Rosé, exploded onto the bar scene in Europe and America over the summer and has landed in the Southern Hemisphere just in time to be the next big thing for our warmer months.

The creation reportedly originated at a New York bar when staff were looking for a new drink suitable for the summer. As it was Rosé season, it seemed appropriate to use that as a base. An experiment to freeze it was successful and the Frosé was born.

Now all the trendy people are drinking it, making it among the most popular menu choices in some of the hottest bars in London, New York and across Europe.

In bars, Frosé usually made in large quantities with Rosé being blended with lemon juice and sugar and frozen for several hours before being blended into its slushy goodness, but you can easily make a Frosé at home.

Simply take your favourite Giesen Rosé, pour into ice cube trays and freeze. When its frozen use a blender to crush it into slush missed with sugar syrup and freshly squeezed lime juice. Keep it simple or mix a few other ingredients like your favourite gin or vodka or perhaps a splash of Barkers of Geraldine fruit syrup to give your Frosé your own personal twist.

With minimal preparation Frosé is perfect for parties, or long summer barbeque afternoons and is sure impress your friends and family at your next gathering.

Pick up a Giesen Blush wine from your local and try out our Frosé recipes!