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Guide to Swirling

Have you ever watched a self-proclaimed wine expert swirl their vino round in the glass and wondered why they bother? Actually, it isn’t just a pretentious habit; it can make a difference to your wine experience. Here comes the science…

Swirling the glass adds oxygen to the wine, which in turn starts to cause tiny bits of the alcohol to evaporate. This action releases the aromas of each variety, often known as the nose or the bouquet of the wine.

So if you want to fully experience the great wine you have just opened, especially red wine which tends to be more complex, try swirling and then give the wine a good sniff. You’ll likely pick up smells that you won’t taste. Before you know it you’ll be talking about hints of chocolate or autumnal fruits!

Before you get carried away here are a couple of places you can swirl your wine and some you probably should avoid

Do swirl….

At a wine tasting – of course, you’ll totally look the part when you swirl here! You might even pick up some tips on how to describe and enjoy your wine.

At a dinner party with other wine lovers comparing vintages.

Don’t swirl…

At a busy, rowdy party where most people are drinking beers and RTDs….you’ll be setting yourself up for some serious sneers!

At dinner if your swirling skills aren’t refined  – you are likely to throw it over the tablecloth. And you won’t be looking so smart then!

Long explanation short, if you are drinking the wine with family and friends and enjoying the conversation and the moment then swirling isn’t at all necessary for you to enjoy the experience. However, if you want to take time to focus on the wine and create a rounded tasting experience start practicing those glass twirling skills today.