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The idea of going dry in July is no longer a tradition of the few, the interest in reducing alcohol consumption continues to grow, and with it the number of people looking for an alternative to alcoholic drinks. The no-alcohol or low-alcohol (NOLO) movement is gaining traction with phenomenal growth over the last 12 months due to strong consumer demand for alternative beverage options*.

Giesen 0% Non-Alcohol Wine Range

Giesen Group has responded to the demand with its 0% wine**. A pioneer in the alcohol-removed wine space, having launched the first New Zealand 0% Sauvignon Blanc in 2020, the popular Giesen 0% range has now expanded to include a Rosé, Pinot Gris, Riesling and Merlot. Consumers are loving the range, with several releases selling out due to the demand and the quality of these New Zealand wines being broadly recognised.


Here’s what makes Giesen 0% so different:

  • Commitment to quality

For Giesen, there’s an unheralded commitment to quality, a determination to take the category seriously based on feedback from wine lovers. Giesen Group Chief Winemaker Duncan Shouler currently studying for the prestigious Master of Wine award, and his winemaking team are leaving no stone unturned to tweak and refine the 0% range of wines after two vintages of learnings.

  • It’s all in the spin: $2 million invested in technology

Not all alcohol-removed wines are made equal. For Giesen, it’s all in the spin. The company has now invested $2 million in its own specialised spinning-cone distillation technology, the first and only to do so in New Zealand (technology also used by perfume and coffee producers). This technology allows the wine to be made on site by a specialist winemaking team with much more control over the quality.

Giesen Group was last week awarded the trophy for Best Winemaker at the inaugural 2022 WinePilot Zero Alcohol Wine Show in Australia. The wines also won commendation at the prestigious 2022 International Wine Challenge and International Wine & Spirit Competition in London.

  • A life that begins as a full flavoured wine

The wines are made the same as other premium full strength Giesen wines, with the alcohol then gently removed at low temperatures (important particularly for white wine). The 0% wine is then bottled soon after, at the bottling site 100m from the winery to retain the flavours and quality of the wine.

  • Dedicated winemaking team working on no and lo alcohol wines

The technology is only as good as the person operating it, and the Giesen specialist winemaking team is best in class. It’s rare to have a whole team dedicated particularly to the NOLO wine process, but we believe that the wine needs to taste as pure and fresh as our alcohol range.

Having our own technology allows our team to experiment and continually innovate and improve. We’re seeing better 0% wines every time we produce them and learning about which parcels of wine work best to produce the flavours and aromas of these wines.

  • Lower in calories

Giesen 0% wines are also 70-80% lower in calories than standard 12.5% alcohol/volume wines, making them a great alternative for the health-conscious consumer.

(NB: Giesen 0% Riesling is 70% less calories than Giesen Estate Riesling at 10.5% alc./vol.) 


  • Frequently asked questions.

Alcohol-removed and dealcoholised wines are a relatively new concept for many people, so we’ve put together this handy guide! Visit our Frequently Asked Questions about Giesen 0% to read on.

See how the technology works in this short video:


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