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If you are planning on going dry throughout the month of July, read on as there are lots of ways you can get involved!

The idea of going dry in July is no longer a tradition of the few, there is a growing interest in people wanting to reduce or moderate how much alcohol they consume and with it the number of people looking for an alternative to alcoholic drinks. The ‘sober curious’ and no-alcohol/low-alcohol (NOLO) movement is gaining traction with phenomenal growth over the last 12 months – in short, more and more people are wanting no and lo alcohol alternatives for those occasions where they don’t want the aftereffects of alcohol*. 

Giesen 0% Non-Alcohol Wine Range

We have seen this demand for no alcohol wines increase significantly over the last two years since we pioneered in the alcohol-removed wine space, launching the first New Zealand 0% Sauvignon Blanc in 2020, our popular Giesen 0% range has now expanded to include a Rosé, Pinot Gris, Riesling and Merlot.

People are loving our range, with several releases in global markets selling out due to high demand – it’s great to see that globally the quality of our 0% wines are being broadly recognised.  

We were excited to be recently awarded the trophy for Best Winemaker at the inaugural 2022 WinePilot Zero Alcohol Wine Show in Australia. Our Giesen 0% wines also won commendation at the prestigious 2022 International Wine Challenge and International Wine & Spirit Competition in London.

Giesen 0% Range

Going Dry this Month?

If you are planning on going dry throughout the month of July, there’s lots of ways you can get involved: 

  • Make some non-alcoholic wine cocktails – take a browse through our recipe book. Feel free to download it and share it around.


  • Taste the range for yourself. We’ll be pouring our wines all around the world including…


  • Zero Hour / Zero Zone events happening in bars and restaurants throughout New Zealand 


  • Ambassadors like Nutritionist Susie Burrell are showcasing their tips and tricks on how you can enjoy the non-alcoholic wine range throughout the month of July or any other ‘sober months’ you participate in.


Stay tuned on our Facebook page as we share what others have to say and tips to create perfect charcuterie board to party décor. Because you don’t need alcohol to have an epic party. You’ll also have the opportunity to go into the draw to win some fab prizes throughout July! 


If you’re getting involved in Dry July, participate with a friend and perhaps donate to your favourite charity – see Dry July for more information.

Keen to try our non-alcoholic wine range?

Here’s what makes Giesen 0% so different: 


  • Commitment to quality 

For Giesen, there’s an unheralded commitment to quality, a determination to take the category seriously based on feedback from wine lovers. Our Chief Winemaker Duncan Shouler and his winemaking team are leaving no stone unturned to tweak and refine the 0% range of wines after two vintages of learnings. 


  • It’s all in the spin: $2 million invested in technology

Not all alcohol-removed wines are made equal. For us, it’s all in the spin. We have invested $2 million in our own specialised spinning-cone distillation technology, the first and only to do so in New Zealand (technology also used by perfume and coffee producers). This technology allows the wine to be made on site by our specialist winemaking team with much more control over the quality.


  • A life that begins as a full flavoured wine 

The wines are made the same as our other premium Giesen wines, with the alcohol then gently removed at low temperatures (important particularly for white wine). The wine is then bottled soon after, at the bottling site 100m from the winery to retain the flavours and quality of the wine.  


  • Dedicated winemaking team working on no and lo alcohol wines 

The technology is only as good as the person operating it, and our specialist winemaking team is best in class. It’s rare to have a whole team dedicated particularly to the NOLO wine process, but we believe that the wine needs to taste as pure and fresh as our alcohol range.  

Having our own technology allows our team to experiment and continually innovate and improve. We’re seeing better 0% wines every time we produce them and learning about which parcels of wine work best to produce the flavours and aromas of these wines.  


  • Lower in calories 

Giesen 0% wines are also 70-80% lower in calories than standard 12.5% alcohol ABV wines, making them a great alternative for the health-conscious consumer. 


Need more information? 

You can find out more information on these alcohol-removed wines across our website. 





* Wine Intelligence March 2022: Five considerations for investing in the NOLO alcohol wine sector in 2022.  

  • Wine Australia’s recent Market Bulletin Issue 247, 14 September 2021 notes that the forecast growth rate for the low- and no-alcohol category is 15% per year, compared with less than 1% per year for total wine volume.  
  • Wine Intelligence March 2021: Opportunities for Low and Non Alcohol Wine Report, March 2021, 39% of regular wine drinkers globally claim to be reducing their alcohol intake. The figure for Australia is 46% across all ages and 56% of the 18-34 age group.  
  • The 2022 IWSR No- and Low-Alcohol Strategic Study: The market value of No and Low alcohol (NOLO) category has increased from $7.8bn in 2018 to just under $10bn in 2021. IWSR has forecast combined growth at over 15% for 2021-2025, with global sales of no and low alcohol wine predicted to be valued at more than $1.6 billion by 2024.  

**All Giesen 0% wines contain no more than 0.5% alcohol/volume. This is the level provided by Australian and New Zealand law for non-alcoholic beverages – about the same as the levels that naturally occur in fruit juice!   

Giesen 0% – Blind Taste Testing on the Streets!