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Made from Giesen premium full-strength wine, 0% Merlot retains the varietal characteristics you know and love, with the alcohol gently removed.
0% Alcohol. 100% Flavour.

We’ve been creating premium New Zealand wines and leading the industry for over 40 years and expanding our range to include low and no alcohol options is not something we’ve taken lightly. The complexities of creating an alcohol-removed red wine are not to be underestimated but we are proud to be the first in New Zealand to offer more choice to our red wine drinkers.

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Giesen Non Alcoholic Merlot

A full-bodied experience—without the aftereffects



Aromatically expressive with delicate aromas of crushed blackberry and wild herbs, offset by toasted oak and fine, powdery tannins on the finish, Giesen 0% Merlot delivers the varietal characteristics you love, but with the alcohol gently removed.

It pairs perfectly with crumbed veal or rack of lamb.



Giesen 0% wines are perfect for any occasion you’d like to enjoy the experience of a premium New Zealand wine without the aftereffects. Whether you’re sober driving, have an early morning training, or you’d just prefer to keep your wits about you—there’s no need to sacrifice flavour and experience with Giesen 0%.

And as a bonus, it has only 18 calories per 100ml serve—70% less than a 12.5% alc/vol Merlot

Giesen Non Alcoholic Merlot - New Zealand's First 0% Red Wine


How it’s made

Creating 0% wine with complex body and full flavour characteristics is a complicated process.

We use gentle, spinning cone technology to separate the wine into three layers:  aroma, alcohol, and the body of the wine. Then we recombine the delicate aroma and add just a touch of premium grape juice to help hold the flavour for a complex wine without the alcohol.

Learn more about how the alcohol removal process

A wine for any occasion

Enjoy a glass any time and be a part of the celebrations. Now available at most New World and PAK’nSAVE supermarkets and other leading retailers across New Zealand.