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Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine Elevate the moment with Giesen’s first non-alcoholic sparkling wine

We’re proud to announce we’re pushing the boundaries of our 0% range once again with our latest creation: Giesen 0% Sparkling Brut.

This alcohol-removed sparkling wine from New Zealand offers a sophisticated and refreshing alternative to traditional sparkling wines – without compromising on taste or quality.

The Experts Behind It All

Behind our latest release lies an expert team of passionate, award-winning winemakers who specialise in no- and low-alcohol creations. Our team takes pride in crafting 0% beverages that retain the flavour and wine-like characteristics of their full-strength counterparts, so they’ve been experimenting to find the perfect combination of grapes to make a Sparkling Brut.

That ability to experiment is why it was so important to the team that we invested in our own in-house spinning cone technology (the first winery in New Zealand to do so). Read more about spinning cone technology and how we make alcohol-removed wine.

The Quest For Great Taste

To craft Giesen 0% Sparkling Brut, our team carefully selected classic, cool climate New Zealand grapes for their unique characteristics. These grapes bring forth a delightful combination of aromatics, fruit intensity, texture, and a mouthwatering freshness that is synonymous with the region’s renowned wines.

In pursuit of deliciousness, Giesen’s no- and low-alcohol winemaking team turned to the picturesque Waipara region in the South Island. Here, specific parcels of grapes were meticulously chosen for their notes of zesty lemon and grapefruit, offering a tantalising juiciness. Other parcels were selected for their pear and stonefruit blossom flavours, lending the wine a velvety mouthfeel that lingers on the palate.

Non-alcoholic Sparkling Wine

Giesen Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine


Tasting Note:

“Fresh lemon, grapefruit, and pear make for an inviting fruit-driven aroma. A light, playful palate greets you with refreshing citrus and stonefruit, elevated by effervescence. Expect a wonderfully energetic non-alcoholic sparkling wine with a crisp, dry finish.”

-Chief Winemaker, Duncan Shouler

Raise Your Glass To Zero Compromise

As with all of our no-alcohol wines, it was important to our team to craft an alcohol-removed wine of premium quality, while staying as true-to-style as possible.

For us, this means a drier style than other no-alcohol sparkling wines – you won’t find excessive sweetness here! We’ve opted for a fresher, crisper, and more invigorating profile (rather than the juice-like taste of some others we’ve tried). With lower sugar content and vibrant fruit-driven flavours, Giesen 0% Sparkling Brut captures the liveliness of sparkling wine, without sacrificing the elegance.

Bubbles, Without The Booze

Boasting a mere 14 calories per 100ml serving, Giesen 0% Sparkling Brut stands as one of the lowest-calorie sparkling wines available. Its light and playful aromatics, fruit intensity, and textural finesse, make it the perfect choice for those special moments of celebration with friends and family, minus the alcohol content.

This delightful addition marks the sixth varietal in our award-winning Giesen 0% wine range, joining the esteemed company of Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Rosé, Merlot, and Riesling.

The Awards Speak For Themselves

Given the dedication and skill of our winemaking team, it’s no surprise their work is racking up the awards.

Here’s just a selection of the accolades for our no- and low- alcohol wines across our portfolio:

  1. Four trophies, including Best Wine at the World Alcohol-Free Awards.
  2. Gold Medal and 95 Point Score for Giesen 0% Merlot at the 2022 International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC)
  3. Gold Medal for Giesen 0% Riesling at the World Alcohol-Free Awards
  4. Gold Medal for Giesen 0% Merlot at the Mundus Vini Non-Alcoholic Competition
  5. A 91 Point score for Giesen 0% Rosé at IWSC
  6. Silver Medal and 90 Point score for Giesen 0% Sauvignon Blanc at IWSC
  7. Silver Medal for Giesen 0% Pinot Gris at the Mundus Vini Non-Alcoholic Competition
  8. A slew of 85+ Point Scores and medals across the entire 0% range

So if history is anything to go by, you’re in for a real treat with our latest release.



Giesen 0% Sparkling Brut brings a new level of sophistication to the realm of non-alcoholic wines, inviting you to experience a world of celebration without compromise. Elevate the moment, with Giesen 0% Sparkling Brut.