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New Organic Red Wines

Limited Edition Organic Wines! Introducing our Giesen Organic Pinot Noir and Organic Syrah...

The three founding Giesen brothers believe legacy is vital and to that end, as a forever gift for their family they want to leave the land better than they found it. That’s why they’re passionate about organics, as a way to improve the environment. What’s more, after significant investment in organic vineyards the Giesen brothers have been delighted by the premium quality of the grapes and the rich, intense wines which organic fruit create.

Giesen NZ Organic Red Wine - Syrah & Pinot Noir

With an eye to the future in 2009 the Giesen brothers embarked on a path of organics. Their organic journey started by ripping out a 8.4-hectare vineyard, leaving the land fallow for one year and replanting it in October 2010 as wholly organic, close-planted Pinot Noir and Syrah. Additionally, Giesen have three other certified organic vineyards in Marlborough and exceptional relationships with local organic growers.

Sustainable wine production

Attention to detail is key, that’s why the Giesen viticultural and winemaking team are meticulous in the hands-on management of the company’s organic vineyards.

Vintage Conditions

Great weather meant the 2015 vintage delivered – our winemakers were delighted by quality fruit with intensity of flavour. Warmth allowed early picking, which meant fruit with lower sugar allowing the depth of flavour to shine through and ensuring the finished wines show great terroir.

Limited Edition Organic Syrah

Creating this Organic Syrah required meticulous attention to detail and hands-on winemaking from the vineyard to the winery. Fruit was hand picked by block before being transferred to the winery where it was gently de-stemmed. This fruit was added to open top fermenters and cold soaked for five to seven days to enable early development of colour and flavour. The fruit was left to macerate for a further 14 days to maximise flavour before pressing. From here the free run wine was aged in French oak 300L barrels for 12 months ahead of bottling.

Limited Edition Organic Pinot Noir

To make this inaugural Organic Pinot Noir, fruit was gently de-stemmed as soon as it arrived at the winery and then added to open top fermenters by gravity. A cold soak for five – to seven days allowed the early development of colour and flavour prior to fermentation. Delicate hand plunging of the ferments ensure soft extraction of tannin and colour. After 14 days maceration the fruit was gently basket pressed with the free run wine aged in French oak 300L barrels for 12 months. Following bottling this organic wine benefited from 24 months maturing in the Giesen cellar allowing the development of complexity and a silken palate.

We welcome any trade customers looking to add new organic wines to their portfolio. Please contact us if you’re interested in speaking with one of our Sales Representatives.

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Are you in New Zealand, and would you like to order a Case? 

While stocks last, you can order a case of the Organic Pinot Noir or Syrah, this offer is only available to customers in New Zealand.

Giesen NZ Organic Red Wine - Syrah & Pinot Noir