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The Summer of Seltzer Warmer weather is here, and we've got an innovation to match

Introducing Tink! This brand new fruit wine-based Seltzer is our latest addition.

Introducing TINK!

It’s the sound you hear before a good time with friends. Made from sparkling water with natural flavours and a fruity wine base, Giesen Group’s new low carb seltzer has hit the shelves with a nice smooth tink. This latest edition to the Giesen family follows on from the success of our 0% Sauv and is a cornerstone of future growth for us.

The innovation behind this new fruit wine-based seltzer began when looking at overseas market trends. “We’ve kept a close eye on the growth of the seltzer category in the US and Australia and we had a sense that 2020/2021 would be the ‘summer of seltzer.’” says Giesen Group Marketing Manager, Angela Flynn.

“TINK is created by fermenting wine with real fruit concentrate and sparkling water which gives it a light, refreshing taste. It’s low in sugar, under 100 calories per serve and with 4% alcohol, it’ll be the perfect refresher beside the pool and for the BBQ sessions this summer.”


Available in three fabulous flavours:


Hey juicy lucy, this one will take you back to the tropics with a subtle hint of pineapple – juicy and thirst-quenching, this is your beach sesh fave.

Berry Rose

Rose-tinted days are where it’s at. Raspberry, cherry or strawberry – whichever you taste, it’s refreshing and delicious. You don’t need rose tinted glasses to look at this bad boy.

Lemon & lime

Tang tang, babes. Your tart, zesty and lime bestie. Dry, tangy and tasty, for those balmy nights.

Low carb  |  No sugar  |  4% ABV

Available in 12 packs, 330ml cans.


TINK is available now from your favourite supermarkets. Check us out on your favourite socials:




For more information on TINK, visit https://www.shop.giesenwines.co.nz/tink

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