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The New-Look Giesen Estate Same great wines, amazing 2021 flavours, and an added makeover!

Next time you hit your local retailer, you might notice some pretty big changes. Our most popular wine range is sporting a crisp new look!

Now don’t worry – all your favourite styles of wine are still present and accounted for. We still take huge joy in creating great tasting wines you can share with friends and family – from our best-selling Giesen Estate Riesling to our award-winning Giesen Estate Pinot Gris. And that should be no surprise – since brothers Theo, Alex and Marcel began making wine nearly 40 years ago, their wines have featured their name and the Giesen crest as their promise of quality.

Our new look wines are set to be no exception, as a fantastic vintage and our updated bottles start rolling out to stores near you!


A Wine For Every Occasion


Giesen Estate showcases New Zealand’s great wine regions, ensuring there’s a wine for every occasion and every taste. Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir fly the flag for Marlborough; Hawke’s Bay is represented by Merlot and Chardonnay. And hot topic wines like our Blush Riesling and alcohol-removed Giesen 0% – Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc are exciting new family additions. And after a 2020 harvest that will go down in the history books, we’re over the moon to start sharing our 2021 vintage wines.

The Giesen Crest


Even right back in the 1980s, our wine labels have always featured the Giesen crest! While its shape and colour have changed over time, it has always included the same elements – the Southern Cross stars and ship representing the Giesen brothers’ journey to New Zealand, and the swan symbolising the swans on Lake Ellesmere when they first landed in Canterbury. These elements have all been stylised and refined, so you can continue to look for the updated Giesen crest on all our wines as a mark of quality.

Making A Splash


Part of the secret to our great wines is the vineyards across Marlborough’s prized Wairau and Southern Valleys which Giesen owns. It’s the exceptional fruit from vineyards that enables us to create great wines to match any occasion.

One of the most recognisable elements on our Giesen Estate wines, so we’re told, are the ‘dots’ on the front of the bottle. It may surprise you to know that this label was inspired by a map of Marlborough, when the brothers were looking at each of these vineyard locations. A pared-back version of this Marlborough map (complete with compass and the location of the airport!) formed the artwork on our previous label, with coloured blocks indicating those vineyards.

Today, you’ll find the faint outlines of that Marlborough map still in place, but with splashes of wine now artfully showing those vineyard locations!

Colour Chameleon


Over nearly forty years of producing wine, we’ve had some pretty colourful labels – sometimes even featuring art by the Giesen brothers’ mother, Gudrun. Today her original pieces can still be found around the Giesen brothers’ houses, and even our head office.

So in line with our more colourful ancestry, another change you might spot in our Giesen Estate range is that the colour of our labels now matches the colour of the wine. Now you can easily spot a white, red, or rosé from a distance! Throw the beautiful reflective foil effects into the mix, and we think our line-up is looking doubly delicious as a result.

Our new look is hot off the press and is only just arriving into Australia, so don’t panic if you can’t find our new look bottles just yet. As it starts rolling into stores, keep your eyes peeled – we’d love to hear when your local store receives our updated Giesen Estate wines and what you think!

And if you’re interested in our fresh-look flagship Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, or our brand new range, you can learn more about The August and Uncharted.


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