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Your Old Fave Has A New Look Check out the fresh new-look Giesen!

You heard us correctly - we've had a facelift.

We’ve been planting vines and making wine for nearly forty years. If you’ve known and loved our brand along the way, you might be familiar with some of our older labels. Every now and again we receive a message from someone with a cellared bottle of our ’95 Riesling or something even older, asking us what they should pair it with when they finally get to enjoy it. And we love it! One thing that’s always been a feature on our labels has been our Giesen crest. It’s evolved over time, but it’s always been there.

Today, with our range of wines growing and changing, we think the time is right to take the heritage and quality signified by our existing crest, and give it an update. With new developments like our Blush wines and Giesen 0%, we wanted to make sure our bottles and our Giesen crest stayed as fresh and exciting as our wines. So we’ve updated our style, while staying true to our legacy – sharing in four decades of passion and craft.

We wanted our crest to reflect the innovative, vibrant, driven crowd of people working to bring you your favourite wines, both old and new. We wanted classic, clean, and crisp – just like our wines.


We’re proud to present our updated Giesen crest, and some fresh new packaging to match. Swipe below to compare our previous crest with our latest iteration!



Introducing Our New-Look Ranges
(and one very special newcomer)



A Story In Every Bottle


We exist to help our friends and family (that includes you!) enjoy life’s fruitful moments – those pockets of shared experience with our nearest and dearest that become some of our fondest memories. Our founders’ passion for wine began with the first glasses shared between grandfather and grandsons. After countless glasses enjoyed since, the occasion of sharing wine with our closest friends and family keeps us making it today for those around the world to do the same.

So it should be no surprise we’ve made it our mission to ensure that whatever the occasion, there’s a great Giesen wine to match.

Giesen Estate


Giesen Estate wines have been a much-loved favourite in New Zealand and abroad for decades – your go-to faithful. Whether you prefer white or red, or like your wine sweet, dry, light or full-bodied – there’s always been a Giesen Estate wine for you.

With something for everyone, this range includes wines that are playful. Lively. Generous. Smooth. Timeless, even. We think our fresh face means our best-selling range looks as good as it tastes. Keep an eye out at all good supermarkets and liquor retailers for our updated labels!


See The New-Look Giesen Estate

New! Giesen Uncharted


Untamed. Unmatched. Experience Marlborough in a glass with this adventurous new range. Giesen Uncharted offers a chance to make any occasion extraordinary with our crisp Sauvignon Blanc, sophisticated Chardonnay, and elegant Pinot Noir. ​

These generous wines are a cut above and and our team are in love already. We cannot wait to share these delicious newcomers with you!


Discover Uncharted

The August


Inspired by the life of Giesen family legend, August (pronounced Aw-goost), this is a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc like you’ve never seen it before. Bold, complex, and unconventional, this elegant barrel-fermented wine is a fitting tribute and a mark of the man.

Our updated bottle celebrates the vibrant German Art Deco era of August’s life, and all the outrageous adventures he had to match.


Meet The Wine And The Man

So the next time you’re looking for a wine to match an occasion, look for the mark of quality. Whether you’re new to enjoying wine or a seasoned connoisseur, there’s a great Giesen wine for you.


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