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Great People

The three Giesen brothers Theo, Alex and Marcel are proof familial relationships and business can work harmoniously, with good humour - and international success.

Giesen Brothers

Thanks to their Grandfather sommelier August (Aw-goost), Great Grandfather Leonhard Kaiser who was a brewer and their parents who gave the brothers a love of international cuisine – the trio had the drinks trade and hospitality in their DNA.

Oldest brother Theo lead the interest in wine with his siblings when the family moved to a new home which stood in front of a steep slope worked into 11 terraces planted with Riesling. Young Theo was taken under the wing of two of the family’s neighbours, who helped him replant the vineyard to Sylvaner and taught him how to tend it. Harvest became a family affair and the grapes were sent to a nearby winemaker who made around 40 dozen bottles that the Giesen family gave away to friends and family.

While the Giesen brothers had wine on one side of the family, family on their mother’s side were stonemasons who ran their own business. Their grandfather established a granite and marble company, which their parents ran, from the outset the three brothers appreciated entrepreneurial spirit.

From those formative days, through until now as globally successful businessmen, the three brothers have always had each other’s back and worked collectively for the common good.

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The Team

When you join the team at Giesen, you become part of the Giesen family. Proudly family-owned, everyone has their role to play in bringing you great wines for you to enjoy.