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Sustainability Initiatives

Geier Crawler

Ahead of harvest in 2015 Giesen invested in new viticultural equipment including an Italian-made Geier ‘crawler’ to help maintain and replenish the soil in our vineyards, allowing for healthier vines and high quality fruit.

The Geier machine performs a multitude of tasks in our organic Clayvin and Ridge vineyards looking after our premium Pinot Noir, Syrah, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay vines.

The crawler which weighs just over a tonne (versus 2.5 tonne of a standard four-wheel tractor – 600 Kg per wheel), it has an overall weight of 1.1 tonnes and has a downward pressure of less than 60kg (less than a human foot print), and so has minimal impact on the earth reducing compaction significantly. Running on tracks means that the ride for the operator is smooth and operation of the equipment easier.

This Italian beauty is 85 horse-power and undertakes many viticultural tasks including; under vine weeding and cultivation, crop spraying, trimming, mulching, mowing, tilling and deep ripping.

It’s such a great machine we have recently purchased our second Geier!