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Sustainability Initiatives

Our Organics Philosophy

The three Giesen brothers consider the future for their children and grandchildren and believe they are guardians of the land and the business environment and therefore strive to manage the company with this in mind.

In addition to our premium Ridge Block and Clayvin vineyards being certified organic through BioGro New Zealand, we’re committed to organics philosophy and culture throughout our viticulture programme with all of our fruit being sustainably grown.

Marcel Giesen explains, “organics is about improving our soil structure and helping the soil to hold onto water and nutrients. If the land is continually replenished, the soil will be healthy; so will the plants and the fruit.”

Here are some of the initiatives we’re taking in support of our organics philosophy:

  • Composting organic waste
  • Using effective microbials – mixed cultures of beneficial naturally-occurring organisms that help to build diversity in the soil ecosystem
  • Planting complex inter-row cover crops which helps with aerating content and belding the soil
  • Reducing the use of pesticides, weed sprays, systematic fertilisers
  • Encouraging a self-feeding system which replenishes soil, nutrition and flora within the vineyard
  • Growing native plants around the vineyards, maintaining beehives, and planting orchards across the Giesen properties to encourage biodiversity
Our Organics Philosophy image
Our Organics Philosophy image

Hand weeding at Clayvin vineyard

Our Organics Philosophy image

A honeybee doing its thing on one of our lemon trees

Our Organics Philosophy image

Shoveling compost under our vines

Our Organics Philosophy image

Delicious walnuts

Our Organics Philosophy image

Our customised Geier Crawler minimises compaction on the earth. We use this in our Clayvin and Ridge Block organic vineyards.

Our Organics Philosophy image

Semi-enclosed impermeable compost pad.

Our Organics Philosophy image

Organic Vineyards

We're proud to have two of our four vineyards certified organic through BioGro New Zealand.

Clayvin Vineyard

Southern Valleys

Clayvin is a living tribute to Marlborough’s viticultural history. Certified organic and planted with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Syrah, this incredible site features 30-year-old vines, dense clay soil, high-density plantings, and receives the utmost care and attention befitting of our prized vineyard. Read more


Ridge Block Vineyard

Southern Valleys

Proudly certified by BioGro New Zealand, Ridge Block Vineyard holds a special place in Giesen’s premium organics programme, growing grapes that tell the story of their region. High-density planting and careful vineyard management have resulted in fruit with incredible flavour intensity, structure and complexity of a level that can sometimes take years to achieve. Read more

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