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World's First Alcohol-removed

New Zealand

Sauvignon Blanc

0% alcohol. 100% flavour.

Giesen 0% is an alcohol-removed wine that everyone can enjoy, no matter the occasion.

Made from our premium full-strength Sauvignon Blanc, Giesen 0% keeps all the best qualities of Giesen Estate.

It’s aromatically expressive, crisp, and refreshing, with the varietal characteristics you know and love… only with the alcohol gently removed.

Did we mention it has low calories? With only 16 calories per 125ml serving, that’s 80% less calories than full strength wine.

Perfect for enjoying at home, out with friends and family, or any time you’d prefer a glass of wine without the after-effects.

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Low And No Alcohol

When we say there's a Giesen wine for every occasion, we mean it! If you're reducing or moderating your alcohol intake, these alcohol-removed and low alc wines offer a delicious alternative.


New Zealand


We create premium full-strength New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, before using advanced spinning cone technology to gently remove first the aroma, and then the alcohol.

We collect the delicate aroma and recombine it with the wine to maintain its distinctive nose.

The final blend is a dry, refreshing style of non-alcoholic wine with low calories, containing no more than 0.5% alc/vol.


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Duncan Shouler

Duncan Shouler

Estate Winemaker

Duncan has always loved science and the outdoors. Winemaking in Marlborough allows him to enjoy his two passions every day. Read more

0% Alcohol. 100% Flavour.

You already know and love the fresh aromatics and crisp, clean flavours of a uniquely Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. What if we told you we’ve made yet another premium Marlborough Sav... but without the alcohol?

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Zero News is Good News!

The world's first alcohol-removed Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is already making a splash.

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0% is Crossing the Ditch

After a sell-out NZ debut, we're answering the call from Australian consumers.

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"This is a giant leap forward in 0% alcohol Sauvignon Blanc. The new Giesen 0% - Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc tasted like a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc with pronounced passionfruit and red capsicum flavours. It’s slightly sweet but dry with a pleasing sweet/sour tension. This was my favourite out of the three [blind taste-tested no-alcohol Sauvignon Blanc wines]. I’d very happily drink it.
Reviewed February 2020."


Bob Campbell, Master of Wine

"Light, refreshing, zingy... I'm really impressed with the palate weight. That's pretty amazing. Well done Giesen! I shouldn't be so surprised but like I said, this is a big deal.
Reviewed February 2020."

Mermaid Mary, Wine Writer for Cuisine Magazine

"Nice acid, crisp, delish. It's got a zesty lemon pith and limey note... I'd be quite happy to nurse a glass of this... anywhere, actually. It has real character and personality.
Reviewed February 2020."

Yvonne Lorkin, Wine Writer for Dish Magazine

"I bought this as my daughter is pregnant and didn’t want her to miss out on her birthday. We were all really pleasantly surprised how lovely it was. The flavours were quite crisp and intense but some how light. A very easy wine to drink."

Kathy M, NZ Online Store Customer

"With or without food - its the best non alcoholic wine I've tasted. Great for the driver. I have given it to friends and family who are delighted to be able to sit and sip on a pleasant glass of cold white, when the rest of the guests are getting a little tipsy!! Thanks Giesen."

Gael C, NZ Online Store Customer

"I discovered these wines during Dry July and I am so impressed! The 0% sav and pinot gris were both lovely and I actually felt like I was still able to enjoy a quality glass of wine but without any consequences e.g. no alcohol = awesome sleep, no foggy head and lower calories #winning It's so good that I'm taking a break from alcohol for awhile. I'm also telling EVERYONE about this. Thanks Giesen - keep up the great work - this could be the way of the future..."

Leticia, NZ Online Store Customer

"It’s changed my world being able to be social and enjoy my wine without the side effects of alcohol and sugar. I have a health and wellness online business so will be able to refer this to all my clients who need to give up alcohol for health reasons"

Sandra D, NZ Online Store Customer

"I tried it today and it is absolutely delicious, I think it’s a brilliant wine for the designated drivers etc. Can’t believe a non-alcoholic wine could taste this good. Well done"

Marcella B, Cellar Door Visitor

"Good on you Giesen. Taste of savvy but far fewer calories and feel like you are still drinking your fave tipple without the after effects."

Cathy L, NZ Online Store Customer

"Wow, that is NOT a grape juice! That is a wonderfully smooth and dry Sav Blanc that so typifies the Marlborough region."

Dayne L, NZ Online Store Customer

"I am loving Giesen's 0% wine. The Sauvignon Blanc has been my 'go to' for months and I really enjoyed the Pinot Gris twin pack. I am a convert to 0% and hope that the varieties and taste continue to be perfected so there is no discernible difference between alcohol and non alcohol wines."

Elaine, NZ Online Store Customer

"The best 0% wine on the market. Absolute game changer for me. Keep them coming."

Elspeth, NZ Online Store Customer

"Thank you thank you thank you for your delicious alcohol removed wine. As you know, there are simply zero comparable n/a wines out there and having stopped drinking a year ago, I am so grateful to have a delicious alternative. One day other vineyards will get hip but you guys will have my business loyalty forever. Thanks again. My liver thanks you too. Best, Tracy."

Tracy from Los Angeles, Customer Email