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Great Wine

The Giesen brothers have always aspired to create great wines that people around the world love. Whatever the occasion, there's a Giesen wine to match.

Giesen Uncharted

NEW! Our brand new Uncharted range invites you to discover the best of Marlborough. A place between the snow and the sea, where mountain ranges give way to rivers, and sunshine reigns supreme. Experience our tribute to this beautiful, untameable region. Join us, on an Uncharted journey.


We believe legacy is vital, so we aim to leave the land better than we found it. That’s why we're passionate about organics - as a means of improving the environment. And as an added bonus, the Giesen brothers are delighted by the quality of the grapes and the rich, intense wines resulting from our premium organic fruit.

The August

August Giesen's outrageous legacy is inextricably tied to the Giesen story. So producing a wine elevated to its richest expression, with meticulous care from our winemakers, seemed a fitting tribute to a legend.

Feature Wines

These wines feature something a little bit out of the ordinary - a little bit extra-special. We invite you to explore these delightful wines, discover what makes them unique, and maybe even find a new favourite.

The Brothers

Just as the three Giesen brothers journey bought them to New Zealand we travel to great lengths to find the best of every vintage. We strive to ensure The Brothers wines are rich and rewarding while retaining elegance and purity.

Single Vineyard Selection

A selection of wines which speak of the special place they come from, crafted from single vineyards with unique terroir and climate. Our winemakers ensure the purity of the wine becomes a showcase of the land.

Clayvin Vineyard

Clayvin vineyard is a living tribute to Marlborough’s viticultural history. Organic with 30 year old vines, clay soil, high density plantings deliver wines of great concentration and richness. Our finest wines from a distinctive, revered vineyard.