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fuder barrels

Our Place

Giesen Winery

We’re proud to have a state-of-the-art winery in the heart of Marlborough that delivers on our promise to make great wines people love through continuous improvement and investment. You might have heard about our 1000L German oak Fuder barrels, or our fancy decanters designed to improve the quality of our wine, or us being the first winery in New Zealand to invest in our own spinning cone machine… the list goes on!

Fast Facts

  • Comprised of two neighbouring winery sites – Giesen North, specialising in smaller batch production, and Giesen South
  • Capacity to crush 37,000 tonnes of fruit – that’s 28 million litres of wine!
  • Ability to crush 1300 tonnes of fruit over a 24 hour period.
  • Our custom-built Barrel Halls hold 1,000 barriques and over 70 x 1000 litre German Oak Fuder Barrels
  • With over 500 tanks, we can undertake specialised treatment of individual parcels of wine right through the winemaking process


Innovation and Ingenuity

Keeping ahead of the curve is important to us, which means we’ve also had some pretty cool firsts and technology investments for the wine enthusiasts out there.

  • We were the first New Zealand winery to invest in spinning cone technology; this runs 24/7 to meet demand for our alcohol-removed Giesen 0% range.
  • Our fancy Foodtec 700 decanters imported from Europe can each process up to 15 tonnes of grapes per hour, meaning less steps in the winemaking process, better quality, and less environmental footprint. Win!
  • We were the first winery in New Zealand to use Granite tanks – specially sourced from where the Giesen brothers grew up, and excellent for adding complexity to wine.
  • We were the first winery in New Zealand to use Fuder barrels, special for their 1000L capacity and their level of toast.
  • Investment in state-of-the-art equipment means our premium small batch capabilities are top notch – think vibrating sorting table, sorting destemmer, basket press, and adjustable roof fermenters. Slick!
  • We introduced the first Continuous Tartrate Stabilisation system of its kind in New Zealand – and only the second in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Our selective process harvester complements hand picking – it isn’t cheap, but it demonstrates our commitment to producing high quality wines.
  • We were the first adopters of a modern method of filtration using a high solid ceramic filter.
  • We’re constantly on the lookout for ways to improve!