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Giesen Winery

Giesen is continually investing in the latest state-of-the-art equipment to ensure it always delivers on its promise of making great wines people love.

The Giesen brothers love new technology and as a result have invested in state-of-the-art equipment which has helped improve not only efficiencies at our winery, but wine quality too.

We were the first wine company in the Southern Hemisphere to use a Continuous Tartrate Stabilisation (CTS) Unit. We use the CTS to remove tartrate crystals from the wine (which are naturally occurring in the winemaking process, winemakers sometimes call them ‘wine diamonds’. This technology reduces our processing time down from two weeks to 24-hours. We are committed to sustainable winemaking and this reduction in time and energy, while optimising quality, meets our ambitions.

Further technological improvements include Continuous Floatation for juice clarification and High Solids Filtration for both juice and wine clarification prior to bottling. Recently we have invested in the latest Centrifuge technology to work in-line with our CTS unit. All these investments create semi-automated processes that provide our winemakers the necessary tools to craft exceptional wines for our consumers to enjoy.

We now have one of the largest tank farms in Marlborough, New Zealand. Many of these are what we call “small format tanks” enabling our winemakers to keep special parcels of fruit separate all the way through the winemaking journey.

Our barrel hall at the winery has been built to allow maturation of over 1,000 barriques and 66 x 1000L German Oak Fuder Barrels. We believe we are the biggest user of 1,000L German oak Fuder barrels in New Zealand. Wines matured in Fuder barrels develop a greater complexity and refinement as the unique shape and oak type harmoniously complements the primary fruit characteristics of our wines. We use the Fuder barrels for our ultra-premium white wines as our winemakers strive to create the purest expression of what Marlborough can offer.

In our pursuit to discover new and innovative ways to make our wines our focus has turned to the use of granite tanks. Our winemakers have trialed these with special parcels of Riesling fruit to create our exciting and popular Gemstone Riesling.

Fuder Barrels_Barrel Hall
Fuder Barrels_Fuder Bottle on top of barrel

Granite Tanks

Using granite tanks in our winemaking is adding another dimension to our wine blends.

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