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0% alcohol. 100% flavour.

You asked, we listened. Introducing a premium red wine to our alcohol-removed range!

Giesen 0% – New Zealand Merlot is an alcohol-removed wine that everyone can enjoy, no matter the occasion.

Made from our premium, full-strength New Zealand wine, Giesen 0% keeps all the best qualities of Giesen Estate Merlot. It’s aromatically expressive, with the varietal characteristics you know and love… only with the alcohol gently removed.

Expect delicate aromas of crushed blackberry and wild herbs in this alcohol-removed Merlot. Crushed red berries and plum offset by toasted oak on the palate combine to give a light and refreshing option with classic structure and fine, powdery tannins on the finish.

It’s the structure and fine tannin in this wine that makes it a great choice with food – try it with red meats or tapas. Or because of the wonderful lightness, it’s a refreshing wine choice for sunny afternoons.

And the added bonus…there are only 23 calories per 125ml serving (or 18 calories per 100ml glass) – 70% less calories than a full strength 12.5% alcohol/volume wine!

No and Low Alcohol

When we say there's a Giesen wine for every occasion, we mean it! If you're reducing or moderating your alcohol intake, these alcohol-removed and low alc wines offer a delicious alternative.


New Zealand


We start by creating premium, full-strength Merlot wine, fruit from Hawke's Bay. Then use innovative spinning cone technology to gently distill the wine into three layers: aroma, alcohol, and the body of the wine.

We collect the delicate aroma and recombine it with the body of the wine, adding just a touch of premium grape juice to produce our final blend: a refreshing, delicious 0% Merlot wine with low calories. 

Contains no more than 0.5% alcohol/volume.


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Duncan Shouler

Duncan Shouler

Director of Winemaking

Duncan has always loved science and the outdoors. Winemaking in Marlborough allows him to enjoy his two passions every day. Read more

Non Alcoholic Merlot

Made from Giesen premium full-strength wine, 0% Merlot retains the varietal characteristics you know and love, with the alcohol gently removed. 0% Alcohol. 100% Flavour.

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"Have previously really enjoyed the Giesen 0% Sauvignon Blanc and was looking for a 0% red for winter. I tried quite a few and they were all ghastly. Then I tried the Giesen 0% Merlot and now it is my house red! It would be great to see it available in more restaurants.
August 2022"

Gayle S, New Zealand Online Store Customer

"This is an excellent alternative to alcoholic wine. It has to be the best red on the market for non drinkers!
I enjoy it with steak and pasta especially. Thanks Giesen
August 2022"

Jan C, New Zealand Online Store Customer

"Really great taste and mouthfeel. Best 0% red I've had by far.
August 2022"

CJ, New Zealand Online Store Customer

"As with all Giesen wines, this 0% Merlot is a winner. It is everything you want from a Merlot, soft, buttery, mid-level tanins and balanced acidity, minus the booze. I have tried ALL the non-alc reds and this is up there with the best. Well worth a try! "

Amy, Reviewed on Sans Drinks

"The Giesen 0% Merlot scores an 8.4/10 with its warm, toasty oak filled & round profile that is built around sophisticated spice, dark blackberries, plum & a long tannin led finish that completes the mouthfeel well. An inside tip is that this really opens up after being aired in your glass or on the second day after opening."

Jonathan Lambriandas, Tipple Zero

"It’s my first experience with 0% wine. And it’s fabulous. All the taste, social and flavour experience."

Robyn Cheer, Reviewed on Clear Head Drinks

"The Giesen 0% Merlot lands smack dab where it should be on the taste scale. It’s soft, buttery, tannic with a great balance of acidity. There’s plum and cherry and a beautiful dark burgundy look to it. With wines like this you are missing nothing by removing alcohol! This one will be going straight to the top of the list come red wine season!"

Amy A, Dry But Wet

"Very good fruit-driven wine. All the flavour you'd expect from a good Merlot"

Sue Walker, Reviewed on Clear Head Drinks