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0%* alcohol. 100% flavour.

Made from our best-selling Giesen Estate Riesling, Giesen 0% Riesling keeps all the best qualities of New Zealand’s #1 Riesling. It’s aromatically expressive, crisp, and refreshing, with the varietal characteristics you know and love… only with the alcohol gently removed.

We select fruit from vineyards in Marlborough and Waipara. Marlborough brings citrus flavour to the wine and Waipara fruit gives us floral characters to ensure a beautiful, structural Riesling.

This alcohol-removed Riesling features notes of lime, citrus blossom and elderflower on the nose. The palate offers lively and refreshing Riesling characters, with zingy lime, ripe mandarin and delicious sweetness, all balanced by a refreshing crispness.

Perfect for enjoying at home, out with friends and family, or any time you’d prefer a glass of wine without the after-effects.

Discover more about how we make this innovative wine.


No and Low Alcohol

When we say there's a Giesen wine for every occasion, we mean it! If you're reducing or moderating your alcohol intake, these alcohol-removed and low alc wines offer a delicious alternative.


New Zealand


Introducing the latest addition to our alcohol-removed wine range!

We create premium, full-strength New Zealand Riesling, before using advanced spinning cone technology to gently remove first the aroma, and then the alcohol. We collect the delicate aroma and recombine it with the wine.

The finished product is a refreshing, off-dry style of non-alcoholic Riesling wine with low calories.

*Please note that our alcohol-removed wines contain not more than 0.5% alcohol. This is the level provided by New Zealand law for non-alcoholic beverages - about the same as the levels that naturally occur in fruit juice!

Gluten Free


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Duncan Shouler

Duncan Shouler

Director of Winemaking

Duncan has always loved science and the outdoors. Winemaking in Marlborough allows him to enjoy his two passions every day. Read more

Non Alcoholic Riesling

A blend of fruit from two of New Zealand’s preeminent Riesling areas – Marlborough & Waipara, our award-winning Riesling is now available with the alcohol gently removed. 0% Alcohol. 100% Flavour.

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Our Best Alcohol-Free Win...

INTRODUCING THE GIESEN 0% RANGE With over 40 years in the winemaking industry, we’re passionate about creating (and enjoying) incredible wines so it may come as a surprise to some that we’ve created a 0% alcohol range. However, we...

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"Lovely wine. Can't fault the taste. It goes beautifully with Thai food especially. So glad you produced a non alcoholic Riesling.
August 2022"

Jan C, New Zealand Online Store Customer

"My partner and I drink only Riesling ... for the flavour and the feel. We refined that further by limiting it to Giesen only. We drink rarely and sparingly, so wine to us needs to be special and must match a mood as well as a meal. Drinking a zero percent Riesling frees us to tick all of the flavour and occasion boxes without running any risk while getting home. For a pair of self declared wowsers we couldn't be more pleased with our new "discovery"
August 2022"

Pete M, New Zealand Online Store Customer

"Really great for a 0%. Perfect on its own, with snacks or with a meal. Yes I would purchase again!
August 2022"

Karina E, New Zealand Online Store Customer

"I really enjoy this. Just on its own is fine or with food. Great flavours, have already bought some more!!
August 2022"

Chris A, New Zealand Online Store Customer

"As a Pinot noir fan I wanted to expand my palate and found myself thoroughly enjoying the 0% Riesling! Now I just can’t wait for summer and some picnic fun!
August 2022"

Sue R, New Zealand Online Store Customer

"This is the best no alcohol wine I have ever had and I have tried a few. It has a lovely fruity taste and we always have a supply in the fridge.
August 2022"

Jenny M, New Zealand Online Store Customer